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The Most Aesthetic Vancouver Coffee Shops for Studying

January 31, 2022

The Most Aesthetic Vancouver Coffee Shops for Studying

When you are a college or university student, there is pretty much always a midterm or proctored exam on the horizon. How many of you can relate to the feeling that you should be constantly studying and getting prepared in advance? Sometimes we get so overwhelmed and stressed out about studying that we forget why we are pursuing higher education in the first place. The good news? Student life can be so much more enjoyable and inspiring when we are conscious about our study habits and needs. Instead of pulling late nights studying in your boring dorm room and straining to keep your eyes open, what if the time you spend studying could be comfortable, inspiring, aesthetic and maybe even fun?

Ideal Study Environments 

The simple thing you can do to make studying a more enjoyable lifestyle activity is to change up your surroundings. Your studying environment can have a major effect on your exam success, particularly for visual learners who may be more affected, inspired or bothered by their surroundings. An aesthetic, comforting environment could be exactly what you need to stay more focused, inspired and free of academic stress. Finding the perfect cafe is also a major part of how to make studying work for you to be a more efficient and positive process. If you have a hard time concentrating at the kitchen table or sitting in your college dorm room, our list of the most aesthetic coffee shops in the city is sure to inspire.

The Best in the City 

Featuring the best avocado toast and the most gorgeous vintage decor, here is our shortlist of the best places in the city where you can study in style:


Aperture Coffee Bar at 4124 Main Street or 243 West Broadway 

Nelson the Seagull at 315 Carrall Street  

Nemesis Coffee at 302 West Hastings Street or 555 Great Northern Way 

Revolver Coffee at 325 Cambie Street 

Finch's Tea House at 353 West Pender Street 

Which of the above recommendations is your favourite? Do you gravitate towards a vintage atmosphere or are you more about crisp, minimalist style?

Honourable Mentions 

  • Elysian Coffee at 590 West Broadway or 1778 West 5th Avenue 
  • Koko Monk Hot Chocolate Lounge at 2883 West Broadway 
  • Trees Coffee at 450 Granville Street 
  • JJ Bean Coffee Roasters at 2206 Commercial Drive or 3010 Main Street 
  • Small Victory Bakery at 3070 Granville Street 
  • Prado Cafe at 1938 Commercial Drive or 1807 Fir Street 
  • Timbertrain Coffee Roasters at 311 Cordova Street 
  • Milano Coffee Roasters at 849 Denman Street 
  • Breka Bakery and Cafe at 3750 West Fourth Avenue 
  • Grounds for Coffee at 2088 Commercial Drive or 2565 Alma Street 

Ambient Sound 

When choosing the perfect coffee shop, consider the added the benefits of listening to music while you study. Calming background music is an excellent way to enhance your studying experience and make academics a more enjoyable part of your lifestyle. Many of the aesthetic cafes mentioned above have a continuous stream of chill, ambient coffee house music playing throughout the day. Sensitive to noise? You could always play it safe and bring along a pair of noise-cancelling headphones for whenever the espresso machine gets loud and you need to be hyper focused. If you are homebound and are missing the sound and feel of a coffee shop, Coffitivity is a unique workaround you could try. The website is designed to help you work better and improve your creativity, providing you with ambient coffee shop sounds on the go. Instead of going out and finding the perfect coffee shop, you can bring one directly to your ears.

Additional Resources 

Looking for additional academic resources or guidance about exam proctoring services? The ATS YouTube channel offers a continuous stream of educational content and study tips to help you succeed on your next exam. You can also check out our ultimate exam survival guide for insight on how to prepare yourself for the unexpected and arm yourself with the tools for success.

Written by CJ McGillivray