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Breathing Easy without the Privacy Concerns of Online Proctoring

January 22, 2021

Breathing Easy without the Privacy Concerns of Online Proctoring

If you have a proctored exam coming up, you may be weighing your options about whether an online proctoring service or a computerized proctoring service is right for you. How do you choose? It is important to consider your comfort and privacy. One major concern that often arises about online proctoring is around your privacy and comfort during the actual exam. Being comfortable can have a major impact on your ability to succeed and recall vital exam information. To help you along in the process, here is a succinct breakdown of the common privacy concerns associated with online proctoring and an explanation of why you can breathe easier with a computerized proctored exam experience at a professional testing centre such as Ashton Testing Services.

Online Privacy Concerns

You may or may not be familiar with recent news coverage of the legal and privacy concerns around online exam proctoring, including how long the data is stored and granting a stranger remote access to your personal computer. According to an article by the Washington Post, "education advocates say the surveillance software forces students to choose between privacy and their grades." This contested issue is part of a greater conversation around academic dishonesty and student surveillance, with ongoing discussions. Beyond the legal concerns, you may have personal concerns around your privacy and comfort. Oftentimes, an online proctor can require or request external access to your computer screen, webcam or microphone, in order to guarantee academic integrity during the exam. This can be quite an unnerving experience for test-takers, given that your home is a private and personal space.

Accessibility Concerns

There are also some valid accessibility concerns around online proctoring. For example, not everyone has a private living space or a room that can be used for a private online exam scenario. Lots of folks have a hybrid or shared living spaces, with kitchen tables doubling as office spaces. During an online proctored exam, students are often expected to turn their webcams around and give the online proctor a complete view of their living space, to prove that there are no cheat sheets on the walls and that no one else is present. This could be a stressful experience for students, which can be avoided by choosing a computerized testing service at an exam centre instead

Comfort and Peace of Mind

Opting to book your proctored exam at a professional centre such as Ashton Testing Services takes out all of the guesswork for you. What you get with computerized proctoring is comfort and peace of mind around your privacy. You do not need to grant remote access to any of your personal property or electronics since all the necessary testing equipment is provided for you. You can also rest assured that this equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, to prioritize your safety and wellbeing. Ashton Testing Services is committed to providing a safe and secure proctored exam environment for all of your accreditation, academic or certification exam needs. Our thorough cleaning procedures and safety precautions are designed to give you peace of mind when you visit our exam centre. For a complete breakdown of our safety plan, read through our blog about the best practices for a safe and secure environment and exam proctoring services.