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Best Music Genres to Listen to While Studying

February 8, 2022

Best Music Genres to Listen to While Studying

Studying can be monotonous, especially if you are uninterested in the subject. So, you choose to listen to music while doing so. This may seem counterproductive since you would assume music will distract you from your studies. However, listening to music while learning has its advantages. Music has been shown to trigger your brain to release dopamine, the happy hormone, as well as lower cortisol levels, the stress and anxiety hormone. As a result, listening to music while studying might help you relax and enjoy your time learning. 

However, not all types of music are appropriate for studying. We can all agree that jamming to metal or EDM while studying is not the best option. However, some genres might help you concentrate on your schoolwork. Music can help you excel in your test in other ways, even if proctored services do not allow you to play during exams. Continue reading to discover ideal music genres to listen to while studying for your next ATS proctored exam. 


Before you skip this genre, hear me out! You've probably heard that listening to classical music written by composers like Mozart can aid in a child's mental growth. According to some research, this strategy can also help adults improve their spatial thinking skills. This theory is known as "the Mozart effect." Despite the fact that it has not been scientifically proven to be true, studies have revealed that listening to classical music provides benefits such as stress and anxiety reduction, as well as a better night's sleep. Even if classical music isn't your first choice, you should still give it a shot. Here are some pieces to help you dip your toes in the classical water: 


Who doesn’t love some good ol’ Jazz? We’ve all listened to some Louis Armstrong or Stevie Wonder at some point in our lives. But did you know that listening to jazz helps you stimulate your brain? This type of music has been shown to improve creativity and memory, both of which are valuable to your academics. Jazz music is notable for its persistent improvisation throughout the piece. These abrupt shifts in the music cause your brain to strive to imitate them, which stimulates your brain and allows you to absorb knowledge more quickly. There are many study jazz music compilations on YouTube, but here I've included a selection of jazz tunes to listen to while studying. 

Best Music Genres to Listen to While Studying


If you've been on YouTube in the last several years, the lo-fi anime window girl has most likely been on your suggested page. Lo-fi, sometimes known as low-fidelity, is a type of music with a deliberately low production quality as a sort of aesthetic. You'll hear record scratches or vinyl crackles in the audio, demonstrating how lo-fi is intended to be unpolished. Because of its simplicity, lo-fi is the most popular genre of study music. While lo-fi beats are simple and predictable, your brain is more likely to focus on your studies more than music. As a result, it serves as soothing background music for you to enjoy while studying. Lo-fi was made popular by Lofi Girl, formerly known as ChilledCow, in the late 2010s. You can check out their work here, or listen to other recommendations below. 


Instrumentals and film scores are also excellent choices for studying music. While singing along to pop music might be fun, the lyrics can cause you to become sidetracked and focus on singing rather than learning. Instrumentals do not have lyrics, and so you can still enjoy the music without being distracted by the lyrics. With film scores, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a movie while remaining focused on your studies. Plus, once you've finished studying, you can totally watch the movie from the soundtrack. You can almost certainly find any film OST and instrumental versions of your favourite songs online, but here are a few suggestions to get you started. 

Want more song suggestions? Check out our Spotify playlist for more study music!


Written by Jaxine Kurniawan