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The TCF is Available Through ATS

November 4, 2020

The TCF is Available Through ATS
ATS is proud to be able to administer the Test de Connaissance du Français (TCF). The TCF is a French language proficiency test that meets the standards of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). We would like to share with you the history of the TCF, the function of the TCF, and why it is so exciting that we offer the exam at Ashton Testing Services.

TCF History

The TCF is administered by the Centre international d'études pédagogiques (CIEP) for the French Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education was founded in 1945 and continues to act today in three main areas:
  • The  fields of education, vocational training and quality Higher Education
  • The dissemination of the French language in the world, through training of trainers and educational settings and issuing certifications in French;
  • The international mobility of people, through exchange programs for language assistants and teachers as well as the issuance of certificates.
To be permitted to administer the TCF, organizations must be involved in these three main areas. ATS is committed to vocational training, quality higher education, and the international mobility of people through testing, and by administering the TCF we’ve committed to supporting the dissemination of the French language in the world. ATS places a strong emphasis on partnering with organizations that share our commitment to higher learning and the CIEP and TCF certainly reflect our values. The TCF can be used to demonstrate the test taker’s proficiency in French for the purpose of a job application, or immigration procedures. There are different versions of the TCF depending on what your intentions are. ATS administer the TCF Canada, which is different from the TCF, TCF DAP, TCF for access to French nationality, TCF for the French resident card, and even the TCF Quebec.

TCF Canada

The TCF Canada is designed to demonstrate the proficiency of test takers in the French language. The test results can be used to help in the process of economic immigration or for obtaining a Canadian citizenship. The TCF determines the test taker’s ability to read, write, listen to, and speak French. The TCF is a computer-based exam, but it cannot be taken remotely. ATS is proud to be able to offer our facilities for TCF test takers.

The Only Non-French Institution

Through our partnership with the TCF administration, ATS has become the first and only non-French institution that has been permitted to administer the TCF. Traditionally, only French institutions, such as the Alliance Francaise, have been allowed to administer the test. By demonstrating our strong commitment to our own values, which align with those of the TCF, we’ve broken barriers and done something no other English-speaking institute has been able to do before. The ATS’ status represents a large step both for ATS and the TCF. Being the first non-French institution to offer the TCF is a historic achievement that is sure to have a positive and powerful effect on the futures of both ATS and the TCF itself. Due to COVID-19, Alliance Francaise has temporarily stopped administering the TCF. This means ATS is currently the only institution administering the TCF in Vancouver.

What the TCF Represents

For test takers, completion of the TCF means they’re one step closer to completing their immigration application for Canada. For ATS, being able to administer the TCF means we get to be part of so many immigration stories by providing people with the best conditions to take the test under. Our partners at TCF are leaders in the field of French education and we’re thrilled to be affiliated with them and making strides in education and testing together.

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