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How to Choose Invigilation Services Centre

October 9, 2019

How to Choose Invigilation Services Centre

When it comes to taking certification or licensing exams, it seems like there is not much you can do apart from studying the material to get a higher score. However, choosing a good exam invigilation services centre is equally important. A professional centre that meets all your requirements will help you feel less stressed and save you time and energy on the exam day. What factors are the most important when choosing a test centre? Read this blog to find out.

1. Location

The number one issue regarding the test centre location is timing. You want to get to the centre on time and allow yourself plenty of time to check in, go through security procedures and settle before your exam starts. It’s crucial to plan your trip: check where the centre is located, how you will get there, and how much time it will take you.

It’s always advisable to choose the exam centre located closest to where you live. That way you won’t have to wake up too early or travel too far to get to the exam centre. Ashton Testing Services operates two locations - in central Abbotsford and downtown Vancouver so that you can choose the one that works best for you.

2. Exam Choice

You might need to take more than one exam to meet your academic, professional and personal goals. So, it is beneficial to look for a test centre that offers a wide selection of exams and tests. Even if you don’t need to take your second or third exam soon, you will still get familiar with the centre’s location, layout and facilities which will lessen your stress level next time you come there.

Ashton Testing Services provides invigilation services for agency examinations offered by Prometric, Yardstick, Paragon, Pearson and other test developers. There is also a wide range of professional qualification exams, university admissions tests, language assessments and other testing services to choose from.

3. Security

It is the responsibility of the centre that provides exam invigilation services to guarantee the integrity of the exam process. They need to verify your identity, make sure that you follow the procedures, and your test results are true and valid. When you’re choosing an exam centre, check its reputation, whether it is accredited and recognized by testing associations, regulatory bodies, professional and educational institutions.

4. Professionalism

Every one of us has at least once dealt with a strict, sullen or even rude instructor at the exam in school or college. Their attitude or behaviour may add to your nervousness and fear on the exam day and might even be the cause of your failure. Professional exam invigilation services are very important for exam success. The proctor should know how to interact with the test-takers properly and should ensure the test runs smoothly.

Also, invigilators must know the exam process well and should be able to guide you through it. You have the right to know how long the exam will be, things you can take into the exam room, where to store your belongings, how many bathroom breaks will be allowed and so on. Experienced, professional proctors will aim to reduce your anxiety on the test day rather than add to it.

5. Comfort

As obvious as it is, feeling relaxed and at ease during the exam day makes a huge difference in performance. Ashton Testing Services has large partitioned desks, comfortable chairs and provides test-takers with noise-cancelling headphones to make sure they are not distracted and can focus on the exam.

There are other aspects to take into consideration, but that will depend on your personal preferences. For example, if you are sensitive to temperature, make sure you dress in layers, which will allow you to adjust to any conditions.

Think about what is important for you during an exam and what can affect your well-being on that day. 

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