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How Online Education is Changing the Face of Learning

November 25, 2019

How Online Education is Changing the Face of Learning

People have grown increasingly comfortable with and reliant upon technology in their everyday lives. For those in remote and rural locations, the internet and a connected device delivers a sense of community, and more recently, access to education.

Those with limited ability to travel to institutions of higher education previously had challenges in regards to pursuing programs and courses of their choice or even taking high-stakes exams. This is no longer an issue with the movement towards online courses and programs, which has made it possible to complete the entire process remotely.

This benefits everyone - from students to teachers, education administrators and employers. Here’s how:

Removing Travel from the Equation

Eliminating the need to be physically present in the classroom to attend classes has given rise to a new crop of students. They are comfortable attending online-only courses and programs. These students don’t have to deal with the hassle of long commutes or even leave their homes if they don’t want to. They can, for instance, study from any of the ivy-league schools and get the same quality of education as on-campus students get.

The benefit extends to teachers, as well. They can connect via the internet to teach a class from wherever they may be. Institutions can now invite special guest faculty or hire someone from anywhere in the world, which wasn’t a possibility previously.

A Better Education Process

Online learning can also deliver a better education experience for the student. Because they are able to learn from the comfort of their own environment, they are likely to absorb more and learn more. Online students are not distracted by others. Also, they can choose their own schedules which enables them to stay focused during the class.

All major universities worldwide start offering online programs nowadays adjusting their curriculums to fit the format better. Online students can afford better educational opportunities as they can save on the costs of moving closer to the university of their choice. With the help of technology, students are given a chance to study at the most prestigious and famous educational institutions in the world without leaving their room.

Online Versus In-centre Proctoring Exam

As technology improves, we’re also witnessing a gradual growth in online proctored exams, which allows students to take their exams remotely. Online proctored exams are made possible through special proctoring software, a reliable internet connection, a computer, a webcam and a microphone. The three main types of online proctoring include Live Online Proctoring: a proctor monitors the candidate in real time, Recorded Proctoring: exam is recorded and reviewed by a proctor later; and Automated Proctoring: apart from the exam being recorded, the system also checks the feeds for any questionable activity using advanced video and audio analytics.

However, online proctoring comes with its own challenges. One, it is not as widely accepted by examining bodies as it’s credibility is still in question and two, if there are any technical glitches (the camera or the mic fails), the exam will have to be rescheduled, regardless of how far along you’re in the exam.

Now consider taking a test at an approved test centre like Ashton Testing Centre. Not only is the in-centre exam experience straightforward and widely accepted, but it is also hassle-free. The test centres are equipped with modern computers, webcameras, microphones, noise-cancelling headphones and anything else students may need for their exam. Experienced and qualified proctors walk the candidates through the entire process and ensure all the security protocols are followed accordingly.

If you want to book proctoring services, you can contact Ashton Testing Centre directly and check the availability of date and time.

Despite the occasional challenges, online education is an excellent way for many students to achieve their dreams of a degree, diploma, or certificate. Good luck.