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Online Resources to Help You Prepare for a Language Proficiency Test

March 23, 2021

Online Resources to Help You Prepare for a Language Proficiency Test

Are you preparing for a language proficiency test? Looking to brush up on your French speaking and listening skills? There are plenty of online resources to help you feel thoroughly prepared for your upcoming exam. These resources will be helpful for you, whether you are preparing for the Test de Connaissance du Français for Canada or for Quebec, the Test d'Evaluation du Français or any other language proficiency test.


So many people are obsessed with podcasts these days, but the excitement makes sense. Listening to engaging and educational podcasts can help you cultivate the time you spend on your busy daily commute, working out at the gym or while doing simple household chores. It sounds pretty wonderous, but you can evidently find more time in your day without adding a ton of stress or feeling rushed. To prepare for your upcoming language proficiency exam, try listening to the French Duolingo podcast. This engaging podcast offers fascinating stories in accessible, understandable French.

Video Tutorials

These days it seems as though there is a video tutorial for everything you could possibly imagine. Video tutorials are particularly helpful when you need to remind yourself of a complex concept or get a complete breakdown of exam strategies.

Online Study Groups

Whenever you have a major goal you are working towards, it helps to remember that there is strength in numbers. Why not start up an online study group or look into getting a study partner or tutor so that you can really feel prepared and confident before your exam? Having the opportunity to learn collectively and support one another is quite helpful for your overall preparation. If the idea of starting up your own online group is overwhelming, you could also search out current study groups or casual conversation groups on social media. Lots of people are looking for opportunities to exercise their listening and speaking skills before taking the exam. Make sure that you find the right fit for you.


Before going into your exam, it helps to assess your current proficiency level so that you have a sense of how you will do. The Government of Canada recommends that you try out one of their online or paper self-assessment tests before even registering for the official examination. They have a series of online self-assessments available for reading comprehension and written expression that will assist you in gauging your ability level for the exam. Going through this process can also do wonders to help with any potential stress or anxiousness you may be feeling.


Before taking your language proficiency exam, ensure that you make use of whatever resources are available to you. The above online resources will help set you up for success, whether you are preparing for TCF Canada, TCF Quebec, TEF Canada or any other exam. Remember, everyone has different study habits. What may work for one person could be frustrating for another. What resources do you personally find helpful? Let us know by leaving a comment here or engaging with us on social media. We would love to hear your thoughts.