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25 Ways to Improve Your Test Scores

December 9, 2021

25 Ways to Improve Your Test Scores
Do you have an upcoming school or certification exam with ATS? Besides offering quality proctoring services, we are dedicated to helping you succeed by providing you with the latest study tips and resources to help you succeed. Whether you love studying or are stressed out by thought, here are 25 ways you can set yourself up for success and improve your test scores. 
  1. Make a realistic timeline for yourself and create an action plan of the topics or modules you need to review before your exam 
  2. Commit to your success by dedicating certain hours each day exclusively to your study routine 
  3. Rephrase content in your own words to help you genuinely understand the meaning of it 
  4. Build up your confidence with practice exams or sample questions so you feel more confident on the day 
  5. Remember to study at your own pace so that you can really absorb the material 
  6. Get familiar with the exam breakdown so you know where to focus your energy 
  7. Break up your study sessions and stay engaged by focusing on a different topic or section of the exam during each session 
  8. Technology is your friend, so be sure use productivity apps to help you succeed and make your life easier 
  9. Reconsider how you multitask and try to dedicate specific time slots for studying 
  10. Consider adding meditation to your exam routine so you feel more grounded and mentally prepared 
  11. Summarize key concepts and core ideas so that you can hone in on them 
  12. Try short, intensive study sessions with regular breaks to help you recharge 
  13. Your study habits can reflect your ideal learning style, so take an online quiz to discover how you best absorb information 
  14. Try listening to ambient music or a simple meditation to help you focus 
  15. Change up your scenery to keep your brain engaged and focused 
  16. Come up with mnemonic devices to help you remember challenging formulas or terminology 
  17. Study right before you fall asleep so your brain can process and store new memories 
  18. If you are a visual learner, take notes as you read and highlight key facts in your textbooks 
  19. Create a concept map or mind map to help you visualize more challenging course materials and better understand the connection between two ideas or concepts 
  20. Simplify your study notes by removing unnecessary info and focusing on the main ideas 
  21. Take purposeful study breaks to refresh your brain and improve your productivity 
  22. Turn off your app notifications and use a website blocker for any sites that could distract or derail your study plan 
  23. Test your understanding by explaining a concept from your study notes to a friend or colleague 
  24. Organize a study group with your friends so you can support one another and succeed together 
  25. Plan ahead so your can spend your last couple of hours calmly reviewing without feeling the need to cram 
Do you have any favourite study tips or recommendations that we forgot to mention? Connect with us on social media to join the conversation and share some of your own ideas for exam preparation. You can also head over to our YouTube channel for a steady stream of educational content and exam resources.   

Written by CJ McGillivray