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The Benefits of Adding Meditation to Your Exam Routine

September 18, 2020

The Benefits of Adding Meditation to Your Exam Routine

Preparing for an exam can be a stressful experience as we overload our brains with content and hustle to study as much as possible. We all want to do our best and there can be intense feelings of pressure associated with exam preparation. Are your instincts to overload your time with as much studying as is humanly possible? Studying and preparation are fundamental to your success, but a lot can be said for seeking out mindfulness. Imagine yourself in a calm and meditative state right as you begin your exam. How would that feel? The good news is that even just three minutes of meditation can help you have a more positive exam experience and bring you a sense of calm and ease. Your ability to focus will also have a major impact on your chances of success on your exam. 

An Overview of Meditation 

There are so many various styles of meditation, which makes the practice hard to define. Essentially, meditation is the art of seeking mindfulness, insight or relaxation through quiecontemplation and clearing your mind. Meditation is both an activity and a habit that can be developed over time. There are two popular categories for meditations. On one hand, guided meditations include some form of an audio recording or live spoken word that you listen toOn the other hand, non-guided meditations could be instrumental music, ambient sounds or even complete silence. Within these two basic categories, there is an entire world of focus areas from mindfulness meditation to movement meditation and everything in between. Whichever your preference or style, the benefits of meditation are undeniable. 

The Benefits of Meditating Before Your Exam 

Meditation can help you put your best foot forward in any exam scenario. Here are some of the numerous benefits associated with the practice: 

  • Reduced anxiety or stress 
  • Decreased tension 
  • Less muscle pain 
  • A more positive mood
  • Increased productivity 
  • Increased ability to focus 
  • Improved ability to combat distractions 
  • Increased attention span 

Meditation Apps 

There are dozens of meditation apps to help get you started. Many of these phone apps offer free services with options to upgrade for more premium content. Explore various options and find out which one works best for you. Here are just a couple of popular recommendations to choose from: 


Bringing an element of mindfulness into your exam prep routine can work wonders for reducing your stress. Of course, there is no need to worry if meditation is not your style. There are other positive steps you can take to cultivate mindfulness. On the morning before your exam, try going for a mindful walk in nature. If your brain needs something more concrete to grasptry some light exercise and listen to an entertaining or educational podcast to keep you focused. You can always simply cue up your Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube and listen to some calming instrumental tracks. Your testing environment can also have a major effect on how calm and attentive you feel duringAshton Testing Services provides a calm and professional testing environment to help foster your mindfulness and focus. Your success is our success, and we want you to have a calm and positive experience with us. Exams can be stressful and cause feelings of pressure but focusing on mindfulness and having a calm testing environment can improve your overall experience and improve your chances of success. 

Written by CJ McGillivray