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Why are Proctored Exams Important?

November 3, 2020

Why are Proctored Exams Important?
Not everyone has encountered a proctored exam before, so the idea may seem intimidating at first. What even are proctored exams? How do they vary from regular exams and why do institutions place value on exam proctoring servicesHaving some foundational information and context will help you understand proctored exams and their purposeIn short, an exam proctor is essentially a supervisor who is present during your exam, from start to finish. They are there to ensure academic integrity during your supervised exam experience. Here is a breakdown of why proctored exams matter and how they can benefit you on your educational journey. 

Academic Integrity 

What is academic integrity and how can you ensure that you are maintaining it? Plagiarism is one of the most serious transgressions that you can make in academia and many students are concerned that they may accidentally make an error in this area. By requesting that students take a proctored exam, colleges and universities can virtually eliminate any concern around accidental plagiarism. Professional supervision means that everyone can have peace of mind about the exam results. Proctored exams ensure academic integrity, whether you are a college or university student or a working professional who is working on your accreditation or professional certification. When you write a proctored exam, you can feel confident that your test results will be recognized and that they will be a completely accurate representation of your knowledge and skills. 


Booking a proctored exam through a company such as Ashton Testing Services is an excellent way to ensure consistency in your exam experience. You want your mind to be calm and focused when you enter an exam scenario. By taking your exam in a proctored environment, you can eliminate the variables. There is no need to worry about the strength of your internet connection or how loud your neighbours may be, which may be of concern when you are writing an exam from home. Should you require any exam accommodations, you can reach out to Ashton Testing Services through email at [email protected]. Be sure to reach out at least two weeks before your scheduled exam date so that your request can be completed. 

Secure Environment 

On your exam day, you want to be sure that you have a calm and professional environment. Your ability to focus is key. Booking your proctored exam through a professional exam centre will give you extra peace of mind and security. Especially during unpredictable times, it is so important to be in an environment with rigorous cleaning standards and mindful safety precautions. 


Proctored exams are important because they allow you to focus on your success, without worrying about the consistency in your environment. So, where should you start? Ashton Testing Services offers proctored exams in the heart of Downtown VancouverWhen you book their exam proctoring services, you are guaranteed a professional, calm and consistent testing environment. If your college or university has advised you to schedule a proctored exam, then you need look no further. 

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