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What Can You Learn from the World of Memory Athletics?

December 24, 2021

What Can You Learn from the World of Memory Athletics?
Wondering how you can get more out of the limited time you have for studying? Perhaps you are studying long and hard but you do not have the right tools to make your studying efficient. Maybe you are an expert at analysis and context, but you struggle when it comes to memorizing terminology and particular facts and figures you need to recall verbatim for a proctored exam or midterm. The good news? You can make your academic life so much easier by working on your memorization skills. Read on to learn about the fascinating world of memory athletics and how you too can improve your recall by using clever techniques and creating a vivid story that jogs your memory. 

An Introduction to Memory Athletics 

Memory athletics is a competitive sport where brilliant minds train themselves to rapidly review and recall complex patterns of random numbers, words or images. Competitors work hard and train their minds using a variety of clever memory hacks that anyone can try. But which techniques do these athletes use and where can you learn more about them? We recommend checking out episode one from the Vox miniseries The Mind, Explained, which is currently available for viewing on Netflix or YouTube. The introductory episode includes a fascinating interview with Yänjaa Wintersoul, a renowned memory athlete and software engineer who holds three impressive world records for memorization. Her sense of humour and personal insights can benefit anyone who is struggling to memorize a lot of content in a short amount of time. During the interview, she discusses combining several memory techniques to create striking images that will cement in her brain for quick recall. Her personal strategy includes turning numbers into sounds that make up individual words that are then combined into a memorable story. These words and ideas appear much easier to remember than empirical data or unemotional numbers. To solidify the numbers in her memory, Yänjaa imagines rich scenarios and creative narratives that make the words pop. She sets each story in a familiar place with clear visuals or landmarks that are easy for her to remember without much effort. This fun and effective technique can be applied to almost any academic subject matter, saving you hours of time spent reviewing content over and over again in the hopes of memorizing it. 

Practical Applications 

How can you apply these ideas to your own exam preparation and study routine? We recommend the following: 

Work Smarter, Not Harder 

Memory athletics is the essence of working more efficiently and effectively. Rather than spending fifteen hours studying, you can revise your study techniques and spend half the time memorizing double the content. Memorization techniques are also a fun and engaging way to expand your mind and make studying less stressful. 

Next Steps 

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Written by CJ McGillivray