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The Best Genres of Music to Listen to While Studying

October 26, 2022

The Best Genres of Music to Listen to While Studying
Studying is an activity that most students prefer to procrastinate on. The activity of studying can put many in a rather sour mood, which does not help with information retention. However, music has been shown to greatly help studying, by helping you focus, improving your mood and lowering stress. Nonetheless, that is not to say that all music is the same. Playing heavy metal while studying might do more harm than good. So, what would be a good genre to play while studying?   Classical   The tried-and-true classic, this genre of music has time and time again proven to greatly help while studying. The magic behind classical music and studying is that it relaxes the student without them even noticing it. The lack of lyrics also helps the mind decelerate and focus better. If you deal with test anxiety, this might also be great for sleepless nights before an exam, as classical music has also been shown to help with insomnia.  Recommendations for this music genre include: 
  • Clair de Lune – Claude Debussy 
  • September Song – Agnes Obel 
  • Song on the Beach – Arcade Fire  
  • Experience – Ludovico Einaudi 
Acoustic Covers of Your Favourite Songs  If you enjoy listening to your favourite jams while studying, give acoustic covers of your favourite songs a try. This genre allows for slow, melodic music while still keeping the same beats as your favourite songs. With the option of both music with lyrics and without, acoustic music allows for a similar effect to classical music which distresses and relaxes the student while studying. The added effect of nostalgia allows for an added release of dopamine to the brain, creating an even better mindset for studying. These covers can be created with a wide range of instruments, including guitar, violin, and piano, meaning there's lots of choices to pick your favourite style from. While favourite songs will obviously range between person to person, here are some great playlists to check out on Spotify:   Movie Scores    Music can often make or break a scene in a film, but epic movie scores or themes can also be enjoyed independent of the movie. With their slow builds and great climaxes, this type of music is perfect for amping yourself up with studying. Its lack of lyrics minimizes a potential distracting element, while also containing a certain nostalgic quality of being connected to your favourite films. Check out these great scores from these equally great movies: 
  • Dune – Hans Zimmer 
  • Inception –Hans Zimmer  
  • La La Land – Justin Hurwitz 
  • Comet – Daniel Hart  
  • W.E - Abel Korzeniowski 
Nature Sounds   People are usually the calmest when surrounded by nature. The sound of waves crashing or the pitter patter of rain on a tent brings the mind to a state of peace and ease. While you perhaps cannot study outside in nature, as that is often weather dependent, you can bring those essential sounds to wherever you are through nature sound playlists. Some suggested nature playlists include:  Sometimes, a little help or encouragement when studying can go a long way. Music can be that aid that helps you ace your next exam. If you are in need of proctoring services, check out Ashton Testing Services.    Written by Maria Veras