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Pearson VUE and Ashton Testing Services’ Incredible Partnership

October 8, 2020

Pearson VUE and Ashton Testing Services’ Incredible Partnership

Pearson VUE is the leading name in computer based testing solutions and Ashton Testing Services is proud to be partnered with them. The testing company was established in 1994 when founders Clark Porter, Steve Nordberg, and Kirk Lundeen began Virtual University Enterprises (VUE) with the intention to create a world-class training services company for the IT industry. In 2000, they were picked up by the learning company Pearson, and in 2003 their name officially became Pearson VUE.

From the company’s inception to the present date, they’ve focused on innovating and improving computer based testing services and security measures. Pearson VUE is known for providing the best security measures for each and every exam they offer. Many high stakes exams are offered exclusively through Pearson and Pearson certified test centres because of their commitment to security. Pearson VUE is built on the principle of using state-of-the-art technology to deliver exams and provide the highest level of service possible to their clients and candidates. Pearson VUE’s testing values align perfectly with our priorities here at ATS. The partnership truly serves to benefit all parties involved, including ATS test takers. Partnering with Pearson VUE enables us to provide more tests with a higher level of security, ensuring legitimacy and accuracy for all ATS test-takers.


In 2018, ATS became a Pearson Select testing centre. Not only does this mean that ATS meets Pearson’s high standard for testing centres, it also means we’ve been offering a higher level of security for high-stakes exams since 2018. Pearson VUE offers advanced security measures, including a dedicated server with palm vein biometric security. These unobtrusive measures ensure that the correct candidate takes the test. Pearson VUE takes pride in providing candidates a controlled and secure environment to test in.

When taking an exam at a Pearson Select testing centre, like ATS, test-takers can rest assured that their test and results are completely legitimate. Test owners also benefit as they know their test is being delivered in the proper setting and being administered to the correct candidate every time.

Expanded Test Offerings

Pearson VUE testing centres gain access to exclusive Pearson VUE exams, and as a Pearson Select testing centre, we have access to even more exams. Over 450 credential owners worldwide work with Pearson VUE on developing, growing, managing, and delivering their testing programs. Through Pearson VUE we are able to be part of their high quality test delivery process. Not only are we able to deliver a large number of tests, but these tests are high value exams that hold a great deal of weight in the professional world. Our partnership with Pearson VUE has also led to a partnership with British Council, allowing us to deliver the advanced ACCA exam through the Pearson testing platform. ACCA candidates at ATS can get all the benefits of Pearson testing thanks to this unique partnership.

ATS is unique among Pearson VUE’s partners in that we’ve been selected to administer MCAT exams since 2018. The only other centre to administer this exam is the Pearson Professional Centre which is owned and operated directly by Pearson VUE.

A Streamlined Experience

ATS has access to Pearson VUE testing features designed to make each part of the testing process as easy as possible for testing centres and test-takers alike. Automated scheduling gives test-takers greater flexibility in scheduling their tests and allows us to efficiently manage test centre hours and staff resources. Automated check-in, quick results processing, and more, all come from Pearson VUE’s many years of innovating computer based testing procedures.

Testing the Best

ATS is consistently ranked as one of the top testing centres in Canada. Our prestigious ranking is thanks to our continued dedication to providing the best testing services in Canada as well as our many incredible partnerships we’ve established. Pearson VUE is a leader in computer based testing and they continue to change the way computer based testing is handled and viewed around the world. Our partnership with Pearson VUE reinforces our commitment to offering secure exams in a controlled environment for every ATS test taker. We’re thrilled to be able to continue to work alongside Pearson VUE and uphold the Pearson Select standard for testing centres.

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