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Paragon is an Outstanding English Language Testing Partner

September 2, 2020

Paragon is an Outstanding English Language Testing Partner
Just like with people, companies are often judged on the basis of those they align, associate and do business with. Paragon Testing Enterprises is a leader in English language testing creation and delivery and was an obvious choice for Ashton Testing Services to align with, given both organizations’ high standards, superior customer service and belief in the need for accessible testing services. As a trusted partner of Paragon, Ashton Testing Services offers the CAEL (the Canadian Academic English Language) test, the CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) General and the CELPIP General LS. Due to the high standards of Ashton Testing Services and its dedication to its partners, Paragon recognizes Ashton as one of the best test centres in Canada.

Our Commitment to Paragon during COVID

Like all testing centres, Ashton Testing Services shut its centres down when the severity of COVID-19 became apparent. Fortunately, with strict cleaning, sanitation and health official-recommended safety measures implemented right away, the Vancouver location of Ashton Testing Services was the first testing centre in BC to re-open. Even now, Ashton is pleased to offer more weekly test sittings for Paragon’s tests than any other test centre in the province. Combining the CAEL, CELPIP General and CELPIP LS, there are six sittings available each week, including Sunday opportunities.

What Makes Ashton a Great Partner for Paragon?

Ashton is an ideal partner for Paragon testing Enterprises for a number of reasons. Because Ashton Testing Services is a purpose-built facility, it is a location designed specifically for the comfort of test-takers, the needs of test-owners and the capacity for stringent proctoring and testing oversight. Capacity, even during COVID health requirements, is for up to 28 test-takers per session which ensures more opportunities for scheduling and booking for those needing an English language test. From the reception area to the testing room, Ashton Testing Services has taken all needs into consideration allowing for amenities like semi-private check-ins, lockers for personal belongings and a relaxing break room. In addition to the facility itself, the location is conveniently located near transit and is a short walk from Georgia Street.

The History Behind Paragon

In 2009, Paragon Testing Enterprises was established as a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia (UBC). The university recognized the need to commercializetheir English language proficiency tests and has since seen the CELPIP General become one of the tests recognized by the Canadian Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. The CELPIP LS is approved for those applying for their Canadian citizenship. The CAEL test is for those who wish to study in Canada and need proof of their English language skills. The first CELPIP test was created in 1999 by an ancillary unit of UBC and all of the tests, development materials, research and data were transferred over to Paragon in 2009 when the company was founded. Since establishing the tests, Paragon continues to conduct research regularly to ensure their tests stay at the highest quality possible and meet the needs of colleges, universities and government agencies. These research activities are conducted with internationally recognized scholars at leading universities in Canada.

Paragon is an Outstanding Partner to Ashton Testing Services

Paragon has achieved great results in the years since it was created. The number of tests delivered grew from thousands to tens of thousands and the number of test centres which offer their computerized tests, including Aston Testing Services, grew from just two to more than 70. Tests are constantly being enhanced in terms of registration and delivery and both preparation products and instructional products have grown in their availability. Additionally, Paragon’s offices outgrew their UBC home and moved to the Broadway Tech Centre in Vancouver, as their headquarters. An additional office was added in Toronto, Ontario in 2016. There are international CELPIP test centres in UAE, USA, India and the Philippines.

A Leading Relationship in English Language Testing

Paragon and Ashton Testing Services work together to deliver outstanding English language testing to those who need it. The communication to test-takers is designed to be as seamless as possible so that test-takers need not wonder which company they should be contacting. It’s this ability for both organizations to serve test owners and test-takers that makes the partnership an ideal fit for everyone involved.

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