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Our Partnership with ACCA

January 6, 2021

Our Partnership with ACCA

Here at Ashton Testing Services, we are proud to count the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) as one of our incredible partners. ACCA is a global organization committed to the advancement of the accounting profession. The organization oversees a variety of different finance qualifications, and ATS helps people earn those qualifications by administering the ACCA’s tests through our testing facility. We want to share with you a bit of the ACCA’s history as well as their mission, goals, qualifications, and how they align with our vision here at ATS.

ACCA History

The ACCA has a long and rich history, with their roots stemming back all the way to 1904. What began as the London Association of Accountants, a group consisting of eight accountants, has grown into the ACCA, a global organization with over 227,000 members spread across 176 countries.

Since the organization’s inception, the ACCA has been committed to developing the accounting profession and giving people access to the resources they need to become skilled accountants.

In 1905, the organization began administering exams for the accountancy profession and their exams continue to be held in high regard in the global finance sector.

ACCA Values

The ACCA does more than simply certify finance professionals. The organization is dedicated to delivering value to its members, the accounting profession, and society at large. The ACCA believes that accountancy is a profession that anyone with drive and talent can join, and they ensure that driven individuals have access to the education they need through the ACCA’s development programs.

Education and development play a large role in the ACCA’s work. The ACCA works to shape the future of accounting through their international network. The organization is also involved in shaping public policy related to the accounting profession.

Behind each of the ACCA’s actions is the drive to add value to society and protect the public interest. The ACCA believes that the accountancy profession can make societies across the globe fairer and more transparent. By working with both private and public enterprises throughout the world, the ACCA is ensuring that accountants all over are meeting the same high international standards and providing value to the economies they work in.

Accounting Designations

It’s the administration of the ACCA’s accountancy qualifications that led to our partnership with them. The ACCA provides multiple qualifications for financial professions, the most prominent of those being the ACCA Qualification.

The ACCA Qualification is given to experienced accountancy professionals who can pass the ACCA’s series of exams. Along with the successful passing of the exams, ACCA Qualification candidates must have at least 36 months (3 years) of hands-on professional experience, and they must complete an Ethics and Professional Skills module.

The ACCA Qualification Exams

The ACCA Qualification Exams are divided into three stages, each consisting of multiple exams. The stages are Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills, and Strategic Professional. The exams test a candidate’s theoretical and practical knowledge, while also setting them up to pursue specializations that will allow them to advance their careers. ATS is the only test centre in BC that offers the ACCA exams. The tests are offered on a monthly basis.

ATS and the ACCA

The ACCA is a globally respected organization whose qualifications are some of the most sought-after ones in the financial sector. ATS is proud to be partnered with the ACCA, whose dedication to education aligns with our own values.  As the ACCA continues to shape the accountancy profession and improve the international standard for the profession, we hope to continue to work alongside them while we provide the best in testing centre services.