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Build Your Confidence Through CELPIP Preparation

March 30, 2021

Build Your Confidence Through CELPIP Preparation

Are you in the process of immigrating to Canada or becoming a permanent resident? You will probably need to take a language proficiency exam to support your immigration process. This may sound overwhelming to you at first, but there are so many resources out there to support you in your preparation so that you can achieve your goals and increase your confidence. The first step is understanding which exam you need to take and what you can expect on the exam.

Whether you are preparing a permanent residence application or citizenship application, the CELPIP test is a relevant place to start. CELPIP is the leading English test for immigration, citizenship, and professional designations in Canada. What does the acronym stand for? The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. There are two forms of the CELPIP test, depending on the exact needs of your application.

Breaking Down the Exam

When choosing your CELPIP test, there are two distinct CELPIP tests to choose from. Both tests are accepted for professional designations, but they vary in scope and purpose. If you are working on a permanent residence application, then you will need to select the CELPIP - General Test. This particular test is designated by IRCC for any and all permanent residence applications. Because the test has a general focus, your language skills will naturally be assessed across the board. The test thoroughly evaluates your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. How much time will you be given? The exam is quite comprehensive and assesses a broad range of skills, so you will have a total of three hours to complete it.

Perhaps you are working on a citizenship application instead. In that case, you would select the CELPIP - General LS Test, as designated by IRCC. The scope of this test is quite different since you will only be evaluated on your listening and speaking skills. The narrower focus also means that the test is substantially shorter, which is why you are allocated one hour to write it.

Preparing for Your Exam

Now that you have a better understanding of the exam options and breakdowns, it is time to look at your CELPIP preparation options for the exam. The good news is that your exam preparation does not need to be an isolating or frustrating process. Consider the CELPIP Preparation Program at Ashton College. Through this overview program, a qualified online instructor can help you sharpen your language skills and build your vocabulary over time. You will also have the support of your online classmates, which is one of the major benefits of online continuing education. The program at Ashton College has four modules, which correspond to the various sections of the exam: listening, reading, writing and speaking. The four program modules break down the sections of the exam into logical and accessible areas of focus. For anyone working on their permanent residence application, you should definitely consider taking all four modules so that you have the best chance of success. If you are preparing a citizenship application, then only the speaking and listening modules are applicable for you. Regardless of which exam you are considering, a CELPIP preparation course will definitely help you go into your exam feeling confident and prepared.

Perhaps you are already feeling confident about the exam but you want to go the extra mile and ensure that you are ready for the workforce. A business communication course can give you that extra burst of confidence and insight to help you succeed.

Booking Your Exam

When you feel ready to book your exam, you will want to find a professional and comfortable testing centre. Consider choosing Ashton Testing Services as your exam venue. We provide a safe and secure environment so that you can focus on what matters most. There are also rigorous health and safety measures put in place to ensure your wellbeing during the exam. For more information about our current safety guidelines, take a look at this exclusive interview with Ananth Sundaram, our Director of Operations.