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What’s the difference between TCF Canada and TCF Quebec?

November 22, 2019

What’s the difference between TCF Canada and TCF Quebec?

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If you are planning to apply to immigrate to Canada or particularly to Quebec, and happen to speak French, you’re the right candidate to take the TCF Canada or TCF Quebec French language proficiency tests, respectively.

TCF Canada and TCF Quebec tests have different criteria and requirements. While the TCF Canada test is one of the French language tests approved by IRCC for economic immigration to Canada, or for obtaining Canadian citizenship, the TCF Quebec test is approved by the Quebecoise authorities.

Similarities and Differences in TCF Test Formats

While both tests consist of four sections: Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Speaking and Writing, the number of questions between them varies.

The listening and reading sections of the TCF Canada test consist of 39 multiple choice questions each. The three writing and speaking tasks increase in difficulty as the test progresses. The TCF Quebec test includes 29 multiple choice questions each for listening and writing components, and like the TCF Canada, it also contains three speaking and writing tests that become progressively difficult.

Registration Process

Both the TCF exams must be booked through an accredited test centre. When you’re ready to register with an exam centre, you can choose the time and day that works for you. Some approved TCF testing centres like Ashton Testing Services even provide exam dates on weekends.

What Are the Levels I Need to Obtain on the Exam?

For the TCF Quebec exam, there is a maximum of 16 points available (up to 14 points for the oral examination and an additional two points for the written exam) for proving your proficiency in French. If you also give an English language proficiency exam like CELPIP, you could earn up to an additional six points (maximum) to your application. These points go towards a total score that determines your eligibility to immigrate to Quebec. Your overall points are made up of language proficiency results, family in Quebec, financial means, your profession, skill level and other factors.

The TCF Canada exam is not a mandatory requirement for immigration to other provinces and territories in Canada unless French is the primary language you wish to submit results for. It is your choice whether to submit a French language test, an English language test or both. Similar to the TCF Quebec test, the TCF Canada test contributes towards the overall score, determining immigration eligibility when combined with the score from other factors such as family in Canada, financial means and profession and skill levels etc.

The level you achieve on the TCF Canada test and the score associated with it will depend upon the immigration program you are applying for. You can find out more about this on the IRCC site.

How to Get Your TCF Exam Results?

Results for both TCF Quebec and TCF Canada are sent directly to the test centre where you take the examination, within 15 working days from the date the Centre International d'Études Pédagogiques (CIEP) receives the test papers. You must collect your certificate directly from the centre. Since you need to send your original certificate with your immigration package, it is advisable to keep an extra certified copy of your certificate.

Your TCF Quebec results will also be sent directly by the CIEP to the Quebecoise Ministry for Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion. However, you must still include your original certificate in your immigration application.

If your exam scores are lower than what you had hoped for, you can retake them to get better marks. Both exams require a waiting period of 30 days before you can retake them. You’ll need to complete a TCF Canada test registration and payment each time you wish to take the tests.

Preparation for the TCF Exams

Whether you are taking the TCF Canada or TCF Quebec exam, there are a variety of tools to help you prepare and achieve the best marks possible. To learn more about the suggested books and websites, sample questions and other tools, click here.

Language proficiency tests are a critical requirement for the Canadian immigration process. Whichever exam you opt for, take the time to get to know everything about the exam, including the registration process, fee, test centre availability, and so on.

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