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 About The TEF

Created in 1998 by the Paris Ile-de-France CCI, the Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF) is an international benchmark test that measures your level of knowledge and skills in French.

 Why take the TEF?

The Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF) provides confirmation of one’s level of competency in French in any professional, academic or mobility-related context, and in particular for:


For immigration and citizenship application procedures, the Federal Government of Canada requests proof of the applicants’ linguistic knowledge of French.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has recognized the TEF for these purposes since 2002. The TEF format that applies to these procedures is TEF Canada.

What are the tests?

You must take the following tests for a Canadian immigration application:

  • Oral comprehension: 40 min – 60 questions
  • Written comprehension:60 min – 50 questions
  • Oral expression:15 min – 2 topics to cover
  • Written expression:60 min – 2 topics to cover

You must take the following examinations for a Canadian citizenship application:

  • Oral comprehension: 40 min – 60 questions
  • Oral expression:15 min – 2 topics to cover

Attention! All tests must be completed on the same day for your certificate to be recognized by Canadian authorities.


In the framework of immigration procedures, the Quebec Ministry for Immigration, Francisation and Integration (MIFI) requests proof of the applicants’ linguistic knowledge of French.

For these procedures, it recognizes the TEF Québec (TEFAQ) examination.

What are the tests?

The TEF Québec (TEFAQ) examination consists of four tests:

  • Oral comprehension: 40 min – 60 questions (elective examination)
  • Oral expression: 15 min – 2 topics (elective examination)
  • Written comprehension: 60 min – 50 questions (additional examination)
  • Written expression: 60 min – 2 topics (additional examination)


Officially recognized by the French Ministry of National Education since 2004, TEF Études evaluates the proficiency in written and spoken French of any foreign student applying to enroll on an undergraduate program of study at a French university (article D. 612-12 of the French Education Code).

What are the tests?

TEF Études consists of 4 mandatory tests:

  • Oral comprehension: 40 minutes – 60 questions
  • Written comprehension:60 minutes – 50 questions
  • Written expression:60 minutes – 2 topics to cover
  • Vocabulary and syntax: 30 minutes – 40 questions

For more information about the test, please consult TEF Candidat Handbook. Please note that Ashton Testing Services offer the TEF on computers.

Test results are provided on an official document that notes the score achieved for each section and the level of the objective obtained.

TEF exam results are valid for two years from the date of the exam.

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Registration Fees:

TEF Canada Résidence permanente 4 épreuves obligatoires Tarif:

TEF Canada Citoyenneté 2 épreuves Tarif:

TEFaq Èpreuves auchoix (Attestation par mail) À cocher:

TEF Naturalisation 2 épreuves obligatoires (Attestation par mail) Tarif:

TEF Etudes en France 4 épreuves obligatoires Tarif:

Compréhension écrite

Tarif: 95.00$

Expression écrite

Tarif: 95.00$

Compréhension orale

Tarif: 70.00$

Expression orale

Tarif: 120.00$


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