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How ATS is Keeping Up with COVID Compliance: Listen to our Director of Operations

January 20, 2021

How ATS is Keeping Up with COVID Compliance: Listen to our Director of Operations

Are you looking to book a proctored exam? You may be wondering what to expect at your exam centre. Learn about the benefits and safety of secured computerized testing in this exclusive interview with Ananth Sundaram, Director of Operations at Ashton Testing Services. The safety of our clients and staff is incredibly important to us so you can rest assured that when you visit Ashton Testing Services, all of the necessary safety precautions and cleaning procedures will be in place. Check out our recent blog to discover more about our safety precautions, following the best practices for a safe and secure exam environment.


Who better to reflect on the cleanliness and safety of our testing centre than previous clients! Here are some of the lovely testimonials that we have received in recent months, to help give you peace of mind about the cleanliness and safety of the testing centre:

Nigel Rowan says, "Amazing experience. The centre is clean, the staff here are very professional and helpful. They take testing and service very seriously. Great environment to write any exam. Highly recommend." Kimjim Yeon says, "I wrote my exam at Ashton Testing Services. They were very polite and made me feel comfortable. I saw them cleaning everything inside. I was happy to write my exam there." Sayematin Jafari says, "Amazing service and extremely helpful staff, especially Bella and Katrina. thank you for your excellent care and service that made us feel so relaxed and comfortable taking the exam. I definitely recommend this place for taking your exams.

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