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Cambridge Assessment and ATS

December 3, 2020

Cambridge Assessment and ATS

Since 2018, ATS has been working with Cambridge Assessment to help administer tests for Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing. The tests are important for people looking to study in the UK. Our partnership with Cambridge Assessment is immensely beneficial for ATS, Cambridge Assessment, and our test takers. We would like to tell you more about Cambridge Assessment, how their goals align with ATS, and what this means for you as an ATS test taker.

Cambridge Assessment

Cambridge Assessment is an international exams group that designs and delivers assessments in over 170 countries. The organization runs three major exam boards: OCR, Cambridge Assessment International Education, and Cambridge Assessment English. Cambridge Assessment’s role in education goes beyond those three boards, as they are also involved in research on assessment education, and the management of admission tests through Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing.

Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing is part of the University of Cambridge and has been operating on a global scale for the past 15 years. The organization is globally recognized for their excellence in assessment, thanks in part to the extensive research that backs their admission testing process.

Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing manages a variety of tests, including the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT), Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA), Test of Mathematics for University Admission, The Cambridge Personal Styles Questionnaire, and major entrance exams for the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. The entrance exams include undergraduate programs such as Biomedical, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Literature, Computer Science, Economics and Philosophy.

Cambridge Assessment Values

Cambridge Assessment’s mission is to provide excellence in education. The organization looks to fulfil their mission by being collaborative, innovative, and responsible. These three values guide Cambridge Assessment and their philosophy. Cambridge Assessment also believes that if testing is only of value if it informs the learning process, and accurately reflect a test-taker’s knowledge and understanding.

Who Accepts Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing

Cambridge Assessment is recognized around the world and their tests are taken by many international students looking to study in the UK. The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are just two of many post-secondary institutions in the UK that look at Cambridge Assessment scores when admitting students into their programs. Test-takers turn to Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing because it is held in such high regard by UK universities.

Who Should Take a Test from Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing

The admission tests are designed to determine if a test-taker meets the requirements for pursuing an undergraduate degree in one of the various universities or colleges in the UK. High school students looking to study in the UK will want to go through the admission testing process.

Our Partnership

ATS entered into a partnership with Cambridge Assessment in 2018. There are very few institutions that administer Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing in BC and we consider it a great honour to be working with Cambridge Assessment in this area. At ATS we’re committed to providing the best in secure testing environments. ATS and Cambridge Assessment are both committed to a high standard of education assessment, and this shared commitment is what led to ATS and Cambridge Assessment working together. Cambridge Assessment is a globally recognized organization, and ATS is proud to count them as one of our partner organizations.

Taking the Test

If you are looking to pursue an undergraduate degree in the UK, then you’ll need to prove that you meet their rigorous standards. Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing is recognized and held in high regard by a number of UK universities and colleges. Taking your admission test through ATS is convenient, and you can rest assured that you’ll be taking the test in a secure testing environment.