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ATS has Joined the NCTA Proctoring Network

May 4, 2021

ATS has Joined the NCTA Proctoring Network

Ashton Testing Services is excited to share that we are now a registered member of the NCTA Proctoring Network (NPN). In June 2020, we became a certified National College Testing Association (NCTA) test centre. We continue to meet the highest standards in testing and professionalism to assure our test takers that their test results are valid. To be part of the NPN you must be in good standing with the NCTA, adhere to the NPN Guidelines, and subscribe to and be compliant with the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines.

The National College Testing Association (NCTA)

The NCTA is a non-profit organization of testing professionals working in post-secondary institutions, in companies with test-related products and services, and other professional testing venues. The National College Testing Association is dedicated to the promotion of professionalism and quality in the administration of testing services and programs, including issues relating to test administration, test accessibility, test development, test scoring, and assessment.

The NCTA Proctoring Network (NPN)

The NPN is the referral service provided by the National College Testing Association to facilitate distance learning, with the purpose to make test administration services available to students away from their campuses, particularly at educational institutions. They achieve this by providing a listing of certified NCTA Collegiate and Corporate members who offer testing services to students taking Distance Learning courses seeking a secure location to take a proctored test. With over 350 participating testing centres and only 15 outside of the United States, we are honoured to be one of 11 Canadian NCTA certified centres in the Proctoring Network.

ATS and NPN Relationship

The relationship between ATS and NPN brings benefits to both our test takers and testing facility. Being part of NCTA Proctoring Network adds value to the ATS brand and increases ATS name recognition as more distant learners seek ATS’s Proctoring services. This added value and awareness will help ATS gain more partners which will allow us to administer and proctor more exams.

Benefits of Having a Proctored Exam at a Certified Centre

Being a certified NCTA testing centre proves that ATS is accredited and meets the regulations and standards of a professional testing centre. This allows you, the test taker, to focus on succeeding in your exam in a professional venue.

Taking a computerized proctored exam at a certified centre takes away all the discomfort, worry and stress an at-home online proctored exam can cause. By going to a certified centre the privacy of your home and personal data is protected and safe. There is no need to stress about roommates or pets that can distract you at home or if you own the proper equipment necessary to take an online proctored exam such as a decent webcam and microphone. A certified testing centre provides all the equipment for you and Ashton Testing Services ensures that their computer stations are thoroughly cleaned, to maintain your safety at the centre.

Going to a testing centre that is certified through NCTA ensures you that the centre:

  1. Demonstrates the mastery of best practices in the testing industry.
  2. Has had their expertise in proctoring exams confirmed by the leading professional organization in collegiate test administration.
  3. Commits to continued professional growth and maintaining the highest standards.

The Path Ahead

At ATS, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and high standards for proctoring and administering exams. These values align with NCTA and reaffirm that ATS is leading its staff and students down the right path. Thank you to the National College Testing Association. We are excited to join your Proctoring Network.